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All the plump, without the poke. The breakthrough rf lip plumping treatment with no injections or downtime!

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Lush, full lips are always in style. But if you weren’t born with them, the way to achieve plump-looking lips has always come at the cost of an injection with all the associated risks and worries including bruising, hematoma, pain, and worst of all, inconsistent or unnatural “duckish-looking” results.

Now you have a true alternative and advantage over injections with the revolutionary PlumpRF treatment! With a quick, safe, painless, quick procedure, you’ll see an immediate and natural-looking lip plumping and tightening result that continues to improve with multiple treatments over time. Viora’s CORETM technology is the only delivery system that penetrates deep enough into the dermis to produce the controlled thermal injury required to stimulate collagen regeneration.

Get your plump without the poke! Schedule a PlumpRF treatment today!"


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